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Explore how you can use BetaTesting to improve your product, save time & money, and make your users happier. Search your use case below, and review case studies and testimonials from other companies like yours.

Children's Educational App
A popular children's educational brand sought to bring a popular international educational app to the US market. BetaTesting helped recruit parents/children in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade to get feedback on games, characters, content, and more.
Neura collected real-world data for their Artificial Intelligence SDK to test battery consumption and improve AI algorithms across various real-world devices.
Keap, a leading iOS app which creates a 2nd business number and CRM on your phone, recruited freelancers and small business owners to use a new line and provide feedback about how it helped them run their businesses.
McAfee recruited hundreds of gamers for a new antivirus product designed to help gaming on PCs. Over months, McAfee collected telemetry data, UX feedback, bugs, and conducted moderated interviews for deeper insight.
Skydio invited their best users into a branded portal to provide feedback about a new version of their drone, including unboxing, setup, first flight, and more.
Maven Clinic
Maven Clinic recruited women 18-40 and gave them free credits to use their health and wellness web app to connect with nutritionists and physical therapists and provide feedback on their experience.

Featured Case Studies

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  • "BetaTesting testers are smart, creative and eager to discover new products. They will get to the essence of your tool in no time and give you quality feedback enough to shape your roadmap for well into the future."

    Robert Muñoz

    Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Typeform

  • "BetaTesting is an amazing team, who were very helpful, diligent and thorough from immediately understanding the requirements of our unique software to overall execution of the program to the scale of our expectations."

    Rajeshwar Sharma

    Quality Leader, McAfee

  • "Not only did we get a lot of support and assistance when launching our early access program, but the results were fantastic. We would recommend BetaTesting to anyone who is at the stage of launching their next company or product."

    Johan Malmberg

    Head of Business Development, HotJar Insights

  • "The BetaTesting team and their beta testers have a passion for new products, and they are willing to work with our special requests. We've been very fortunate to work with this group, and certainly hope to work with BetaTesting in the future."

    Ruochuan Tang

    Sr. Product Manager, Sengled

  • "We were able to set up our tests exactly how we wanted, with the flexibility in the software to ensure we could steer testers to the features and issues we were most interested in. We were very pleased with the quality of the test results and found the insights helpful in improving our software."

    Paul Rosenthal

    Founder & CEO, Privatise

  • "The BetaTesting team are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and responsive. I would recommend BetaTesting to any other company looking to conduct a beta test. We will definitely look to conduct beta tests with them again in the future to continue to improve our products."

    Nadia Niky

    Product Marketing, Spansive

  • "The process was very easy and convenient. BetaTesting can move very fast and adapt to our changing needs. It helped us understand better how the product works in the real world. We improved our battery consumption and also our monitoring capabilities."

    Triinu Magi

    CTO & Co-Founder, Neura Inc

  • "BetaTesting helped us gain quality testers quickly and at scale. It’s pretty much the holy grail when you go on beta. We’ve done a lot of changes based on feedback we received in the beta."

    Barak Witkowski

    CEO & Co-Founder, Drupe

  • "The job done was amazing. The team was a supporter of our project and we do not feel like a client, but like they are part of our team now! Do not hesitate to work with this team. You have my word you will be happy and writing a great review after also."

    Anthony Oyogoa M.D.

    CEO & Co-Founder, URSafe Technologies

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