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iOS App Testing In The Real World

Test and improve iOS apps faster than ever before. We supply targeted app testers and you get real world iOS app testing: engagement data, user feedback, bug reports, and more. Use at any product stage: prelaunch with TestFlight, Beta Testing, and post-launch.

  • Easily recruit targeted app testers that meet your demographic, interest, and device requirements.

  • No code changes or integration. Use TestFlight or test your live app.

  • Collect feedback in hours or run longer tests over days or weeks.

Test Across iOS Device Models & OS Versions

Get user engagement data, feedback, and bug reports from real users on real devices

Recruit the right participants for iOS app testing across all popular iPhone & iPad models / OS versions, or target specific devices or OS versions. Get real world engagement, bug reports, and quality feedback quickly.

Review features & screenshots

Bug Reporting with Videos, Steps to Reproduce

Review bugs directly on BetaTesting, or integrate with your favorite tool.

Get bug reports from users across OS versions and devices delivered directly on BetaTesting, or seamlessly integrate with JIRA or Instabug.

Take a sample test

Keep Your Existing Workflow

Use TestFlight or your live app - No code changes or integration required

Run a public or private beta test using TestFlight, or use your app in the App Store. The BetaTesting platformmakes it easy to recruit users and get real engagement, feedback, and bug reports.

Review sample deliverables

Use Cases

Real World Usability Feedback

Get usability feedback for custom test processes in the real world.

Retain More Users

Decrease churn rate or bounces and retain more users organically.

Increase Revenue

Get more orders, subscriptions, and in-app purchases.

App Messaging

Learn how users interpret your communications and app store listings.

A/B Testing

Test two different app experiences and compare the results.

Resolve Internal Disputes

Get clear answers and resolve internal disputes with actionable data.

Unbiased Opinions

Get unbiased opinions from users that have nothing at stake.

Sanity Check

Test your new build in the real-world and ensure the major functions still work.

Net Promoter Score

Track NPS with new users as you continue to iterate on your app.

Onboarding Experience

Get feedback on first impressions and learn how users first experience your app.

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The easy way to recruit testers and get quality real-world engagement data and user feedback.